About Jill

Photo of Jill taken in Vermont

Marguerite Jill Dye

I am a painter, a poet and a writer of prose.  My Mother was a poet and a musician, and my Grandmother and her Mother, both  painter-poets.

France has enchanted me with her charms ever since I was a student in Monaco and Paris forty-odd years ago.  Retuning time after time to my beloved, perched villages and discovering new, hidden corners of my ancestors’ country has only deepened my passion.  France is a land of living history and vibrant culture.  Her aesthetic tradition celebrates beauty and creativity, touching every sense.  Wherever I set up my easel, I am not alone.  The spirits of some of my favorite artists – Cézanne, Monet, Renoir, Matisse, Dufy – inspire me to paint “en plein air”, in the “open air”, striving to capture the exquisite natural beauty, manmade masterpieces and colorful life in the Land of Gaul.

Please join me on a journey to the South of France through my paintings, poetry and prose, where the light is magical, creativity flourishes, “joie de vivre” was born, and this love affair began.

A Family of Dreamers                                      

I come from a family of dreamers and I thank my lucky stars each day!  I experience life as a series of opportunities that we create, because I believe that life is what we make it.

My Mother always said, “Be careful what you wish for.  In our family, dreams tend to come true”.  Mom was a visionary.  Whatever she envisioned, she created through a very strong will and positive attitude.  Some might call it “wishful thinking”, but she always got results.  When confronted with an unsavory experience, she transformed it through humor.  Her poetry poked fun at life and lifted the spirits of those who crossed her path.  She accomplished feats against all odds through perseverance, and lived the Law of Attraction by focusing on the positive, thus attracting more of the same.  She was a student and fan of Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking and integrated it into her everyday life.  My Mother was a power to reckon with if you weren’t on board, and the first person you’d want on your team when faced with a challenge.  She was stoic, steadfast and strong, and gave no power to negative thought or focus.  Mom should have been a Christian Scientist because she didn’t believe in illness and would ignore ailments until they simply went away, which they usually did. 

Even my Dad, a left-brained mechanical engineer, turned out to be a dreamer.  When opportunity knocked to buy land in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Dad took it without hesitation and later informed us that he had always dreamed of building a ski house in the mountains. For the next fifty years he followed his dream, spending weekends, vacations, then six months a year living inVermont, working on his dream.  He was a hard worker and perfectionist who took satisfaction in a job well done.  Building a 30′ x 60′ two story ski lodge way up in the mountains was no easy feat.  Dad loved the great out of doors above all else, and found his greatest pleasure surrounded by nature.  I wish he could have been a park ranger among wildlife in the wilderness instead of cooped up in an office in a large corporation under the pressure of sales.  But he followed his bliss by leading us toVermont to build a house and live his dream. 

As I glance up from my writing to see Pico and Killington Mountains through vast, glass-walls, I am ever so grateful that our reality is to be living nearly half the year in the manifestation of Dad’s dream in “Heaven on earth” and the other half  in “Paradise on Earth” as Mom called Vermont and Florida.


3 thoughts on “About Jill

  1. Marguerite Jill: I have your email, which I am assuming you gave to me at one of the Killington Gathering of Poets events, wanting to be placed on my list of poets, those I provide notice to that each new Vermont Poetry Newsletter is ready to be accessed/read. I am sending you one of those notices today, which now go to over 500 serious poets around the state. Your mother was such a blessing, so humorous, and I am glad that you are carrying on in poetry and in painting. I have a little watercolor “studio” in my hobby room, but I’m not anywhere near having anyone other than my two cats see anything I do with a paintbrush! Do you spend half a year in Florida, dreaming of Monaco and France? I see we have another Gathering of Poets events coming up next Monday, the 16th, starting at 7:00 p.m.; if you’re around, I hope to see you there, with poems in hand!

    Ron Lewis

    • Hello Ron,
      I have only now discovered your lovely comments on my wordpress site (where I’ve started a blog but am having difficulty pulling it up! learning to work out the kinks I hope!). I apologize for the long delay! Yes, we are in FL now and return to VT in the spring (usually mid May-late Oct ). I am so happy you knew my mother, quite an unforgettable character! I hope to meet you and would love to see your poetry newsletter/publication. Also my email is jilldyestudio@aol.com. I have written a book about walking and painting along the Camino de Santiago across Spain and about the healing miracle that allowed me to follow my dream. It includes 100 plein air paintings and drawings along with the story and a sprinkling of poems.
      Happy New Year blessings! Jill

  2. I am looking for your mailing address. Please email me your present location. I have something to send to you. Kitty Trescott

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