New Year’s Angel Post

Angel Post #3                     NEW YEAR’S MORNING 2016!!!

Good Morning my angels, and a very Happy New Year to you and all of our loved ones on the other side!

Happy New Year Jill. May it be filled with blessings of love, light, and peace.  The future is open to you all to create what you envision, so carefully choose the things you desire to fill it with, such as harmony, fulfillment, and joy.  Each one of you has the power to create a life that is filled with blessings.  This is the universal law of abundance which is open to all.  It is only a matter of honing your skills at envisioning and moving forward toward your goal.  That which you desire is within your grasp in spirit; all you need to do is reach out and pull it to you.

Write yourself a letter with all you wish to achieve. Be specific and date it and send it to yourself.  All of these actions add more power in the universal law of creation.  Think it and make it so.  May the Force of God be with you!

Look around you to see all that you are blessed with, the earth’s magnificent beauty, kind hearted souls, a bright future with loved ones, and many things that you love. To create is also a great gift that expresses our divinity.  Be joyful in your creating for it comes from the heart of God.  Divine light and energy inspire the act of creating.  That is why you feel so inspired and at peace when you paint or write a poem.  When the energy flows freely, the work does too.  It is a blessing to receive and to express such divinity.  We love creating too.

I was wondering who is the angel of creativity or expression?

Jophiel is the angel of divine expression and creativity. She celebrates beauty and its source.  Whenever you call for help in creating it is Jophiel that joins with you.  You also have a personal angel who is your muse and who guides you whenever you ask for help.  Artists, writers, poets, dancers, actors all have a personal angel muse to assist and inspire when asked. 

You are never alone. We are always available to help.  We are “on call” as you say “24/7!”  Just ask for assistance and a thought, an arrangement, a mini miracle will take place.  Miracles happen around you every day.  Enlightened ones see them and know.  Keep your eyes out for miracles in your life, for even a passing butterfly has significance.  Be open to the wonder of the world for it is a gift to be there.  Many souls are eager to return, waiting for their turn.  Life on earth is like a school where you encounter lessons.  If you fail you must repeat, but if you pass you go on to the next grade.  Depending on the lessons you learn and those still not understood, your future is determined.  So don’t shy away from challenges or people who cause you concern.  Try to tackle them straight on and look difficult people in the eye.  They lack love and are hollow inside.  Lift them up with respect and care so they can heal and amend their ways.  Some difficult people may turn out to become your cherished friends. 

Live with grace and understanding, reach out in compassion and love. There are so many people in need of a friend.  Take opportunities to grow and learn and elevate your soul.  Each notch in the yard stick of knowledge brings you closer to your God. 

Now it’s time to go outside and celebrate the beauty of nature. Breathe deeply from the fresh air of the day and write down your goals on this New Year’s morn.

Thank you sweet angels for being around me and filling my soul with comfort and knowing I’m not alone in this big, wide, wonderful world! Blessings to Jophiel and my own angel muse and Happy New Year to my angel team and loved ones.  Xooxoxox Jill


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