Angel Posts

Angel Post #2

December 19, 2015

7:58am Good morning maties.  A beautiful but chilly day in Sarasota.  Cold front came in after the rain.  Refreshing, dry air.  Windows open today.  A good day to get things done.  This is my second angel post.

I slept in today after seeing “Star Wars” last night! I loved the new heroine, Daisy Ridley, and her comrade John Boyega, and we were happy to see our old “Star Wars” friends.  And now for the Force that is always around us, our Angel Force, that sent a flock of chattering parrots flying overhead as my wakeup call today.  I’ll fetch my cup of coffee then invite the angels in.

8:09 Good morning my angels.  Do you have a message for me today?

Yes, today our message is one of joy. It lifts up the heart.

I just went to light the candle and invite Emmanuel and his friends in. Who is the angel of joy?

Jezekiel? Is that the right spelling?

This is your platform. Would you care to share a message?  I invite you to come in.

Yes, we have a message. It’s about joy and love.  It’s about treating everyone with kindness and reaching out to people in need.  That is what love is about.  Loving kindness, like your Buddhist friend and priest, Bhante says.  It’s a key element in Buddhism and an important message for all.  Loving kindness, treating the other with compassion and respect, much like the Golden Rule.  Whatever prejudices have attached themselves to one’s outlook on life must be washed away with loving kindness.  It is seeing the connection of all living beings, the divine connection that unites everyone.  Recognizing the value and uniqueness of each one without judgement or condemnation. 

Loving kindness is expressing compassion through action, good deeds that raise the vibration on earth.

And through these good deeds and expression of loving kindness, enlightenment is won. There are not so many enlightened beings among you.  Many are ostracized and misunderstood, for their actions go against the grain of society and economic systems that are led by greed.

Think of that Cacique, Mauricio in Argentina who impressed you so much. His generosity to other members of his tribe was unparalleled in their society.  The chief of the tribe was the one expressing the greatest loving kindness.  What a tradition.  What a blessing.  What an example and inspiration for tribe members to follow.

Look around you and look within. What are your needs?  Do you have more than you need?  For those wishing to express loving kindness, generosity is a good way to start.  Give away things you can live without and let those objects bless others in need.  Beyond the shirt (and sweater – today because it’s chilly) on your back, how many shirts and pants do you really need?  Think of the homeless folk around you who have nowhere to live.  They lack food, shelter, apparel, shoes.  Dignity doesn’t grow under these conditions.  Each one can reach out and lift someone up.  Don’t treat them as if they have the plague.  Like the lepers of India these human beings are cast out. 

Through each good deed you can raise your society up from its carelessness, contempt, and exclusion to one of grace and compassion that treats everyone as if they were a human!

May I ask if there is anything else to share and also who came through today?

We are united in this post. Loving kindness is key.  It’s to be expressed and shared freely, and it needs to be the natural and normal state of interaction on earth.  By setting the example of the Cacique it can spread much like a smile.  Where each good deed begets another, and passes from one to the other.

So sort through your things and give much away, and treat each other kindly. This is our message for you all today and may you be blessed with love and kindness.

Ezekiel is here and Emmanuel has left on assignment. We come and go as needed, but your angels are always around you.  They are happy to help and eagerly await your request.  Together with them, no hurdle is too great and everything is possible.  Believe!

8:54 Over and out.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my book.  I have some sorting to do for now!

Duane came in, I read him the post, and he said that one minute earlier he had read a message about the Golden Rule in Bowmen’s Store: A Journey to Myself by Joseph Bruchac, an Abenaki Native American from upstate New York.  He wrote about attending the Methodist church since he could walk and learning about “caring for the little children and loving your neighbor and ‘what you do unto the least of these you do unto me.’”

“That’s how I feel about how you should live your life,” Duane said. “It’s an inspiration.”

Then he told me he’d read about a minister planning to show Star Wars in his church because the Force is God, and it is in our power to choose to go with the positive or negative side of the Force.


Archangel Ezekiel is the Angel of Transformation who helps with change, overcoming fear of the unknown, and being open and trusting that all that unfolds will be as we wish or even better.

From the Realm of Spirit,

Buddhist Priest Bhante Sujatha’s daily inspiration is called Morning Coffee Wisdom.




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