Angel Posts

Angel Post #1             12/23/15

6:38am May not seem early to you but it’s a great start for me, normally sleeping until it’s light out.  This morning it’s raining, a rare day in Sarasota, where we can go for weeks at a time without a drop.  Yesterday I read a writer’s blog about setting the alarm and getting up early to write.  “Write for 45 minutes like clockwork,” he wrote, whatever comes to mind.  The more you write, the more you’ll be able to write in that little slot each day.

My mother used to get up at four or five each morning to get her writing done. Dad resented the hours she spent at her word processor, and once he was up he’d interrupt without understanding how discombobulating it was.

My husband’s whirlwind can create chaos in its wake, and much of that chaos seems to be in my own brain. When he enters the room, or even if he’s around and may enter the room, I lose my concentration and am distracted by a hundred thoughts.  Lists of things I need to do, incomplete projects, just frazzling thoughts that leave me in a state of worry and agitation.  Not good.  Certainly not a framework for writing my deepest thoughts.

So this morning when my angels nudged me to get up and write, on the third nudge I did. Once the coffee was ready, I checked the hour on my phone and that’s when I began.  Now it’s 6:48.  Not bad for ten out of practice minutes I’d say.  A good restart to get me back to my book which, basically, I’ve already written.  Surely it needs some tweaks, the paintings and drawings need to be inserted where they belong, but otherwise it’s ready for a publisher to see.  Now finishing the short description and annotated table of contents for my book about a journey, an odyssey in 31 chapters.

I’ve asked my angels for help in getting it out into the world, and I know it will happen in good time. I must continue to complete my tasks to make it ready for publication while I find the publisher and the publisher finds me, perhaps through an article or blog.

The other nudge I experienced recently from my angels was to start an “Angel Post” where they might come through to share guidance and thoughts. I’ve learned the ABCs of automatic writing and have had some fascinating messages come through, including part of my book, but I am still learning.  I check frequently to be sure the words are accurate and they fly into my head as I type them.  Sometimes the word order is confusing and I stop to check, then it is made clear and I can resume.

I believe in angels. I’ve always felt them around me ever since I was a child.  It wasn’t that I knew they were there, but I knew I wasn’t alone.  In most times in my life they’ve helped me keep a joyful spirit, laughter, and playfulness, and shown me the way.  I probably mix up their messages with inspiration from God, but maybe they’re one and the same since angels are heaven sent.  I imagine they are God’s foot soldiers, on hand to help us handle the daily struggles and challenges that make up human life.

They say that each one of us has a team of angels that surround us, just waiting for us to call upon them for help. What a blessing we are given, but we must ask them to step in to guide us and help make things happen.

7:05. We have time for a 33 minute angel message if you’re up for it. I need a moment to meditate and clear my mind, then invite my angels and any archangels to step in to give us their words of inspiration.

Are you game? Okay.  Let’s begin.

Dp upi jave amu ,essages upi wpi;d ;ole tp sjare. ,u amge;s amd amu arcjamge;s tjat wpi;d ;ole tp ste[ om

Ues. We dp/ Tjaml upifpr amsweromg pir request Ko;;/  pr <argierote/  We ;ole tjat ma,e tpp/  :ostem tp the raom/ The raom refresjes the eartj/  Tjere jas beem drpigjt om sp ,amu [;aces i[pm upir eartj tjat the spimd pf raom os gppd/  Bit wjem ot becp,es tprremtoa;. The cittomg dpwm pf trees. Defprestatopm. Caises great erpsopm amd f;pppds/  Tjese are [ero;pis to,es because pf the devastatopm pf upir jp;u grpimd. ,ptjer eartj/  Cjerosj amd treasure jer wotj a;; upir jearts amd spi;s/  Sje os a great goft tjat ,ist mpt be tjrpwm awau tjrpigj care;essmess amd greed/  Of eacj pme ace[ts a s,a;; bot pf res[pmsobo;out amd care tjem tjere os sto;; jp[e/  We cam mpt e,[jasoze tjos empigj/ 

Tjere os great cjamge amd tir,po; pm the eartj at tjos to,e.

Oops! As you can see I need to be sure my fingers are in the right positions, so I’ll translate the above.


Do you have any messages you would like to share, my angels and archangels that would like to step in?

Yes, we do. Thank you for answering our request Jill or Marguerite.  We like that name too. 

Listen to the rain. The rain refreshes the earth.  There has been drought in so many places upon your earth that the sound of rain is good.  But when it becomes torrential, the cutting down of trees, deforestation, causes great erosion and floods.  These are perilous times because of the devastation of your home ground, mother earth.  Cherish and treasure her with all your hearts and souls.  She is a great gift that must not be thrown away through carelessness and greed.  If each one accepts a bit of responsibility and care then there is still hope.  We cannot empathize this enough. 

There is great change and turmoil on the earth at this time.

Refugees fleeing from wars, prosperity among a few and so many mired in absolute poverty. When we look around we are aghast at the differences and injustices that exist.  If people could see the turmoil from our point of view they would be horrified and realize that change must happen.  It is long overdue.  To create heaven on earth, for that is what must happen, everyone will need to take part by creating change, peace and love within his or her own heart, then by spreading that energy to one another.  When angry words are about to come out, you must stop yourselves and say, “Is this the energy I want to send out and have it multiply and grow?”

Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions and words which also have the power of manifestation. Choose your words carefully.  They are soldered into the historic (akashic) record and do not disappear.

When you are about to write or speak be sure the words you choose truly represent the highest good and help elevate humanity. Speaking or writing words of hate multiply like a pathogen, like a virus.  Words can be a toxic weapon, a form of chemical warfare for they can spread hatred, resentment, bitterness, and anger that can have powerful results, just as they can spread love, peace, joy, and goodness and raise the earth and earthlings (humor!) to new levels. 

7:33. Any last words, dear angels? And may I please ask who came through?

Yes. We are united in this message but Emmanuel led us.  For this message Emmanuel is “your man.”  We all send our love and light and blessings for you and all who read this first angel post.  Thank you for acting on our “nudge.”

7:36. I just looked up the spelling of Akashic records, the “Book of Life” in which an imprint of all thoughts, words, and deeds are stored then Archangel Emmanuel meaning “God is with us.”

Just then my husband came in. As he drank his coffee I read him my post.  He said, “This is very inspirational, the kind of message a minister might give.”

When I told him I’d just read that Archangel Emmanuel is the archangel of miracles, he was stunned. “I just this minute read that Pope Francis has designated a second miracle, a healing in Brazil, to Mother Theresa who will officially become a saint next September.”

For me, Emmanuel must be a longtime friend because it was a healing miracle that enabled me to follow my dream and set forth on the odyssey that inspired my book. Then our power went out and I hadn’t named or saved my document.  “If it’s meant to be and be published, I know you’ll find a way to save it.  If not, I’ll count it as another practice automatic writing session.”

A few minutes later I found my post somewhere under my short book synopsis which I hope the angels will help me complete.

For now my time is up. Tomorrow, same time, same channel, next post.

Jill or Marguerite or Marguerite Jill, still deciding.


For more information on Archangel Emmanuel and friends, check out Angel Reach, everything you ever wanted to know about angels.



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